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Tips: Main products: [thread] one-way exhaust valve exhaust valve thread, Elephant Man Han Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. The Company in good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Threaded vent details:
Working temperature: low
Form: Diaphragm
Speed: No
Standard: GB
Overall: Miniature
Flow direction: one-way
Parts and accessories: Accessories
Drive: Pneumatic
Medium: Steam
Type (channel position): straight-through
Item: WH-03

Threaded vent description:
Exhaust valve is applied to an independent heating system, central heating system, heating boilers, central air conditioning, underfloor heating and solar heating systems exhaust pipe. Because some dissolved water usually air, and the air solubility decreases with increasing temperature, so that the water gas is gradually separated from the water in the course of the cycle, and gradually together to form large bubbles even column, because of make-up water, so often there is a gas produced.

Threaded exhaust valve works:
When a system has a gas spill, the gas pipeline will follow to climb, final gathering of the highest point in the system, while the exhaust valves are generally installed in the system the highest point, when the gas enters the exhaust valve in the valve chamber exhaust valve gather upper, with the increase in the gas valve, the pressure rises, when the gas pressure is greater than the system pressure, the gas will decrease the water chamber, float along with the water level dropped, open vent; after gas drained, the water level rises, the float also rise, closing the exhaust port. By the same token, when a negative pressure system, the water drop in the valve chamber, the exhaust port is opened at this time due to the external atmospheric pressure than the system pressure, so that the atmosphere will enter the system through the vent, to prevent harm to the negative pressure. Tighten the exhaust valve if the valve bonnet on, stop the exhaust vent, under normal circumstances, should the bonnet is open. You can also cut off the exhaust valve with a valve supporting the use of the exhaust valve for easy maintenance.

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